Off Leash K9 Training is by far the best investment I have made for my dogs. It’s so amazing knowing that they can be off leash anywhere and obedient everywhere! We get compliments all the time on how well behaved our pups are! I am very impressed and satisfied and highly recommend OLK9 to any and all dog owners!

Lourienne Long

Growing up I had always had smaller dogs. When I found my dog Sven I was needing a lot of help with training him due to his size. As a graduate student I was really concerned if it were actually worth it and after beginning classes I was completely impressed, totally satisfied and extremely confident in the training. Deciding to enroll my dog in classes with Off Leash K9 is a lifelong investment that I will never regret doing. If you have any doubts know that all of those doubts will disappear after the first lesson.

Chloe Vaughan

This place is amazing! Love Fallon! Will for sure be taking my golden retriever here and my puppy! She’s taught Harley some amazing things!

Carmen Miracle

Very professional and Fallon does a excellent job with the training process. We were thinking of going to another place but we are very glad we choose Off the leash training , in my opinion you deff get what you pay for and when the price is right you get on the right track to getting a great and well behaved and trained dog. Would recommend this place to anyone I know. Would get my next pet trained with her in a heartbeat !!!

Scott McGregor

Before Hank meet Fallon and went to off Leash k9 Training, Hank thought he was the master and I was his owner. Not anymore Fallon has revoked Hank’s leadership and has placed back in my hands. I picked him up today and I already see that his commands work. Yes, he has already tried to test me. but I was strong and let him know I am his master. Fallon is amazing and if you have a problem dog she is the go to person . I highly recommend off leash k9 training. Thank you again Fallon for all your help. PS: I threaten Hank with a more time with Fallon, Hank Shivered… LOL JK Fallon your the best

Diane Owens

Absolutely LOVE the bond this training has created for me and my Pup! I had a very resistant puppy boy Ive been raising since 10 weeks! Now at 1yr and 4 months old I knew I had to take some control to assure a happy and healthy future for him! Off Leash has taken a once Wild Lion boy and Amazingly transformed him into an obeying Best Friend!!! I would Absolutely recomend this for anyone with a dog! There is no other feeling in this world knowing I can keep my dogs safe and happy!!! I give OffLeash an A+!!!!!!!

Jessica Roder

Most effective training we have ever had. My Shiloh Sheperd nearly dragged me into our second lesson. Of course that ended that same day. After our basic and advanced classes we can go any place with our BIG boy. Fallon is wonderful, it was such a pleasure working and getting to know her. Only problem. I miss her and the training. I highly recommend OLK9 if you love your pet.

Sherry Holmes

We can’t tell you what a great change we’ve seen in Nick. He’s no longer on Prozac, and not afraid of his reflection anymore (seriously). He comes when called, sits, stays and “places” like a pro. He’s even teaching our min pin how to behave properly. We love OLK9 Knoxville!!

Patty Abernathy

The improvement my dobe made after just how first lesson was incredible. He has been better behaved, more calm and over all a better dog. He listens to me when I tell him to do something. After just one lesson I am very impressed. Worth every penny. And I would do it again in a heart beat. I have faith that he will only improve as we keep having lessons. Thanks Fallon.

Dylan Speeks

Results speak volumes, and Fallon got them quickly with three dogs that had very little training. Watching a dog go from oblivious and downright rude to respectful and compliant in one lesson was amazing. I look forward to seeing just how enjoyable these dogs will be as our training continues. Finally some peace and tranquility can be enjoyed around here, as our dogs respond to our commands and act like the ladies and gentlemen we expect!

Jay Hall

When I got my daughter her doberman, she was looking forward to having a running partner. Unfortunately, he was not even a good walking partner and she was never able to take him walking alone. He was horrible on a leash to say the least! He pulled us down the street, he tried to chase everything that moved and with him weighing 110 pounds we were wore out 5 minutes after leaving the house. We couldn’t keep him out of the trash or off of the counters. Before I could carve our turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, Clark had jumped up on the counter, pulled a wing off and took off running! We had to put him in his crate when we were eating because he likes to drink from our glasses as well as take our food. He chewed and/or ate shoes, stuffed animals etc. He busted through our patio screen door and would never come back inside until he was ready. He has pulled our living room curtains down a few times too after seeing something outside that he wanted.

We have taken him to two trainers with sessions being group and then private and I spent 75.00-80.00 on a DVD training systems. I have bought books and tried their techniques all with no success. I wasted so much time and money and had nothing to show for it. I watched the training videos on the Off Leash K9 Training website and was amazed. I had my reservations and thought they would never get him off leash. I figured it would still be worth it to try and maybe they can get him to stop pulling when we walk him. We had several issues but this one was the most dangerous. I wanted our dog and my daughter to be safe while outside going for walks.
After talking to the trainer, I decided the two week board and train was our best option. We got updates and progress reports in the form of videos!! When something new was posted, I would sit with my mouth open in disbelief!! We picked him up today and received a TWO hour training session!! My daughter and I both practiced heeling with him OFF LEASH!!!! Fallon made sure that we understood how to reinforce his training at home. I am still blown away with the transformation!!

On the way home, he was well mannered in the car which means that I can take him for rides without another person being in the car to hold him! When we got home, I let him out to go potty. He didn’t push me out of the way, he didn’t hit the patio door with enough force to knock it off the track and he sat waiting for me to release him! When I was getting the food ready to feed him and the others, he didn’t knock the bowls out of my hand either!

Fallon did an amazing job with him and exceeded my expectations!! You can’t put a price tag on keeping your children (kid and dog) safe!! My next dog will also be going for the two week board and train! It is worth every penny!!

Robin Price

Alex was our main trainer and she was phenomenal with our boy, Murphy. She always took the time to explain each lesson, made sure we felt confident in his progress, and loved him and treated him as if he were her own. We also worked with Shannon for a couple of lessons and she was fantastic as well. Shannon offered us some ideas to help with Murphy’s separation anxiety and crate re-training. I’m happy to report that he has been complimented many, many times on how well behaved he is and we are SO grateful to Alex and Shannon for helping us get where we are with him!

Brittany McHenry

Shannon is amazing! The training she provided has given us the dog we always knew Bailey could be! So glad we made the decision to try Off Leash K9 training!!

Angie Bennett

We brought our Doberman mix Max to OLK9 Training to help get control over his crazy puppy behavior. Max was having trouble getting along with our small dog and cat, acting aggressively towards me, and just wouldn’t listen listen to us. Our home was in complete chaos and we were at the point where we started to wonder if adopting him had been the right decision. After reading other client reviews I was still skeptical, but the amount of improvement we saw after his first lesson was INCREDIBLE! This training really does work! Max’s dominance issues towards me were corrected after just a single lesson. We completed both the basic and advanced lessons and while we had to commit to practicing each day, it was so worth it and now we are amazed by all that he understands. Our relationship with Max is so much better because of his training, and I also think he is a much happier dog now too. Thank you for showing us what an amazing, smart dog Max is! Alex was an awesome trainer to work with. I would definitely recommend OLK9 Training!

Xamena Harman

Our family is so amazed by the progress with our extremely lovable Labradoodle Drake. He greeted everyone with big jumps no matter what efforts we made he was too excited and now he respectfully greets our guests and still gets the same love !! Thanks Fallon

Betty Hale

Falk’s transformation is amazing and I cannot begin to thank you enough Fallon Houser for what you did. I will say that I was on the fence about letting someone else train my dog because I wanted to be the one to do it unfortunately by the time that I contacted you and Randi Bowen LaFerney I had reached my breaking point and I had to do something immediately because the bad days were beginning to out weigh the good days and Schutzhund the thing that I love doing was no longer fun. So I was left with two options get help or sell my dog but I couldn’t even consider the option of selling my dog until I had given him a fair chance because the issues that I was having with him were completely my fault. I failed miserably at teaching him how to behave properly in the house but yet I could train him to do anything else. I had him running blinds, going over mini jumps, turning circles, walking backwards, weaving in between my legs and the list goes on. Unfortunately, I put all of my time and energy into building his confidence and drive that I didn’t enforce any rules on basic house manners because when he wasn’t training he was put up. Which was going perfectly until November then things began to gradually change and by December everything had fallen apart. I went from having a dog that never used the bathroom or barked in his crate to a dog that started barking non stop and using the bathroom in his crate once or twice a day, along with several other issues.
After picking him up on Friday, I have been able to take him into Home Depot and the pet store with no issues at all, I even received compliments on how well he listened (which has never happened with any of my dogs before), he has been able to hang out with me during lunch and dinner, I was able to fold a pile of clothes without him snatching one piece of clothing out of my hands or off the table, I was able to get ready for work while he was out again with no issues, and I have finally been able to put him and my other dog together. For once in my life I get to have my cake and eat it too, I finally have an amazing dog that will listen to me on and off of the field and yet he still has so much energy and drive. I can’t wait to see what he looks like 6 months from now.

Stephanie Nivens

This is the best possible thing I’ve ever done for my dog the school is great the trainers know what they are doing please send your dog to off leash training you will have the smartest dog on the block its well worth the money!

Floyd Smith

Awesome! Enzo has gone from a dog with no training to quite the gentleman. He loves to walk on the leash, is placing just to show off, and will down while we eat dinner. Fallon has given me the confidence and knowledge to train this lovable boy. She is our rock star!

Rhonda Mathes

Whatever the issue you may be having with your dog, Off Leash K9 can help you with it. Gina began training due to her aggressiveness toward other dogs. This prevented me from fostering. Since her graduation from OLK9, she not only accepts the fosters, she is truly enjoying it and even playing with them. I am amazed and delighted with her results!

Rebecca Jones

This has been an awesome experience! Fallon is very knowledgable and skilled in what she does! Our whole pack mentality has changed with just having two of our six dogs in training for three weeks!! Loving the new manners!! Gonna be life changing for all of us for sure!! Thanks Fallon for everything!

Natalie Craig

Reko was in fallon’s 2 week board program. Just after 2 days Fallon had a video update that I could see great improvement in Reko. She was not hyper or jumping, and she was actually focused on the commands Fallon was telling her to do. Over the following week Fallon kept me updated on her progress through video and text. On the day I went to get Reko, Fallon went through the commands that Reko had learn over the past 2 weeks. Then had me go through the commands with Reko. First morning I had Reko back home, we went to the park, off leash. Reko was very calm and not very distracted by people around us. We went through her commands, She was a little hesitant on a couple but I will blame that on me still getting use to the commands. Lol. I am more than pleased with what Fallon was able to do for Reko and we will be using Fallon in the future for more classes.

Kent Dunaway

I highly recommend Fallon at Off Leash K9, she pushed Django to overcome his insecurities. The dog that no one could come near never threatened Fallon the first time and she had control of him within 5 minutes of meeting her for the 1st time. We can now go out in public without the muzzle!

Tracey Parham